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Document Scanning Boston

Plans and Maps, any length by 42" Wide!

C, D, and E size plans take up valuable floor space in any facility, whether rolled, hanging, or in flat files. Our experienced scanning team can ensure scanned images that are as good as, or better than the original paper, mylar, sepia, linen, vellum, blueprint, or blueline. Let us scan your large format maps, plans, and drawings so you can quickly access what you need, at any time.

We take the time to learn your needs, study how your documents are stored and currently accessed. Our scanning process includes removing staples, naming files accordingly, using protective sleeves if scanning delicate originals, and placing all scanned pages back in their original order and location.

Scanning FAQ's:

  • Where are my documents stored?
  1. Try the FileHold Records Management System
  2. Or your own in-house storage and retrieval system

  • How many files can I fit on a disk?
  1. Up to 32,000 drawings on one DVD (4.5gb disk)
  2. Up to unlimited drawings on one USB device (depending on USB disk size)

  • My current documents are not all very clear. Can the scanning process fix this?
  1. Image enhancement on each sheet can remove background noise from older sepias and blueprints, while darkening text and geometry.
  2. Deskew and rotate are standard features for most sheets scanned

  • Am I limited to specific search fields when my documents are stored by Boston Computer Scanning (Bosscan)?
  1. Customer defined search fields can be created and edited by Bosscan or by any admin you assign, in most databases you need.
  2. Search fields can even be added after the database is in use!

  • How are the scanned drawings named?
  1. Drawings can be saved using drawing number, title, or other customer defined file name.
  2. Names can always be edited and changed at any point by the customer later.

  • Do you scan aperture cards?
  1. Aperture card scanning is available!