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Document Scanning Boston

On-Site Scanning

Secure scanning at YOUR office or facility

Boston Computer Scanning (Bosscan) has scanned documents securely "on-site" at over 200 customer locations since 1993. Primarily throughout New England but occasionally in more distant locations such as Arizona, Florida, Indiana, New Jersey, Maryland and New York.

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Just imagine having someone you trust, that understands your scanning requirements, come to your office with all the best scanning equipment and experienced personnel to scan 20,000 or more pages a day! No need to imagine anymore. Bosscan is that trusted source. Safe, secure on-site scanning is exactly what we have been doing since 1993.

We will employ the same security measures used in our office when we scan at your facility. We are equipped to scan any document type and size on-site including:

Improve your in-house scanning

Boston Computer Scanning can bring efficiency and speed to your document scanning operation by becoming a permanent or long term part of your internal operation. We know how to blend in to your corporate culture while having a positive impact on production. Why not contact us with your needs? Let’s see if we can help, call today: 781-245-1050

Ask us about any of these options:

  • Temporary scanning station for the duration of a short-term scanning project
  • Long term or permanent on-site scanning solution
  • Weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly

We always enjoy a road trip so don’t worry about asking us to come and scan at your location. Call: 781-245-1050