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Document Scanning Boston

Water, Sewer and Utility Tie/Connection Cards and Plans

Our cloud based records storage, and search utility, designed by Boston Computer Scanning (Bosscan), is the only web based public works site built entirely from customer input received from public works employees.


  • Computerize your tie/connection cards and plans
  • Edit scanned images right on your computer
  • Add mapping features to find locations and intersections
  • We custom design your tie card search database using our cloud based storage site to include:
  1. Service number and street address linked to scanned tie/connection cards
  2. Tie cards can be merged to GIS system via street address or GIS number
  3. New services can be added to our search database
  4. Remote laptop access available with proper network environment
  5. Onsite scanning for all hard copy documents
  6. User accounts with view only, or view and edit privileges
  7. Additional fields for "material", "pipe diameter", "pipe length", and more

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