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Document Scanning Boston Since 1992

Scanning, CAD Conversion, Records Management

Established in 1992, Boston Computer Scanning, Inc. (Bosscan), has been New England’s most reliable source for document scanning, PDF to CAD Conversion, and records management for over 25 years.

While some service bureaus have to answer to stockholders and investors, we at Bosscan only have to answer to you, our customers!

Despite this era of stock holder profits over customer satisfaction, Bosscan has remained a family owned business dedicated to serving their customer’s needs. Two generations of the Dooling family take pride in personally knowing each customer. As competitors have come and gone we have always been here continuing to build upon past experience to make our knowledge and services the best in New England.

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    From Humble Beginnings: Boston Computer Scanning

    By Ted Dooling

    In 1991, I was working for a large employer whom I won’t name here (initials GE) while secretly dreaming of being a business owner. One day, my boss asked me to find a company that could scan 40,000 product drawings. The closest company I could find was 800 miles away--thus, an idea was born. I researched everything I could find on document scanning. With that knowledge and $20k we took in equity from our home, my wife Kathy and I formed Boston Computer Scanning, Inc. out of our dining room in 1992. We quickly found work in the manufacturing industry, and in 1993, we moved to a commercial facility with space to handle the increasing work load. By 1995, we saw the manufacturing industry begin to decline and decided to branch out to other industries (read: any industry using paper), and that’s when we discovered several industries heavily invested in paper record keeping.

    We found similar record keeping systems to manufacturing in industries such as financial, retail, medical, legal, bioscience, engineering and education. The document names and search fields were different, but where they were similar is that they all had files typically in folders and stored in cabinets. Through experience we learned everything about the documents and record keeping systems in these industries over the next few years. As of 2018 we have scanned millions of pages, notebooks, index cards, plans & maps for many of these organizations. Bosscan was New England’s first document scanning service bureau to offer on-site scanning which we have since performed at over 200 locations. We have a knowledgeable and dedicated staff (U.S. citizens with background checks and signed NDA’s), under the leadership of myself, Ted Dooling and second generation family member Patrick Dooling ready to serve existing and new customers with their record keeping needs.

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