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Plans, Maps, Drawings | Large Format Scanning

42” wide by any length; facility plans, site plans, construction plans, blueprints, and maps. Whether rolled, folded, hanging, or in flat files, we have a solution for scanning them. Our experienced scanning team will ensure scanned images that are as good as, or better than the original plan. Condition does not matter. We can scan most original documents; torn, worn, faded on paper, mylar, sepia, linen, vellum, blueprint, or blueline.

Crop, rotate, deskew and image enhancement

Our per plan cost includes it all, no "open ended" fees! We treat your new or old plans with the care they require. Gentle handling helps keep your plans from further deterioration during the scanning process. Clear sleeves are used for fragile plans when needed.

Scanning FAQ's:

  • My current documents are not all very clear. Can the scanning process fix this?

Image enhancement on each sheet can remove background noise from older sepias and blueprints, while darkening text and geometry.

  • Can I upload the scanned images to any document management system I want?

Yes! We scan to standard PDF, TIF, or JPG image format. We will provide data in any format required. Ask us about the Bosscan Document Management solution.

  • How are the scanned drawings named?

Batch naming: 001, 002, 003, etc., by default, or by drawing number, title, or other customer defined name. Names can always be edited and changed at any point by the customer later.