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Document Scanning Boston Since 1992

Plans and Maps, 42" Wide by any length!

Facility plans, bluepints, maps; C, D, and E size. Whether rolled, folded, hanging, or in flat files, they are taking up valuable space you need. Plus, plans of these sizes are cumbersome to sort and review. Our experienced scanning team can ensure scanned images that are as good as, or better than the original paper, mylar, sepia, linen, vellum, blueprint, or blueline. Utilize our high quality scanning of your large format scanning so you can quickly access what you need, at any time.

We take the time to listen and learn your needs and study how your documents are stored and currently used. Our scanning process includes removing staples (if any), naming files accordingly, using protective sleeves if scanning delicate originals, and placing all scanned pages back in their original order.

Scanning FAQ's:

  • My current documents are not all very clear. Can the scanning process fix this?
  1. Image enhancement on each sheet can remove background noise from older sepias and blueprints, while darkening text and geometry.
  2. Deskew (removing any skew or slight tilt) and rotate (90-180 degree) are standard features for most sheets scanned
  3. All scanned images will be as clear as the original, and sometimes clearer!

  • Can I upload the scanned images to any document management system I want?
  1. Yes! We scan to standard PDF, TIF, or JPG image format.
  2. If OCR (Adobe text search) is required, we can do that prior to you uploading the images.

  • How are the scanned drawings named?
  1. Batch naming: 001, 002, 003, etc.
  2. Drawing number, title, or other customer defined file name.
  3. Names can always be edited and changed at any point by the customer later.

  • Do you scan aperture cards?
  1. Aperture card scanning is available!