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Our Bosscan staff is trained in high quality scanning and data conversion. Our efficient scanning methods provide you with the best images possible, while keeping your photos in their original (and sometimes delicate) condition. We scan directly to USB ("thumb drive" or "external drive"), or we can temporarily upload your scanned files to the cloud for you to download. If you require your originals to be returned, the same care is taken during their return shipment to you.

Before you ship or drop off your photos or film, here is how they should be prepped:

  • Remove all photos from albums and sleeves, and remove any clips or post-its
  • Separate all photos so none stick together
  • Place all photos into envelopes or plastic bags (sandwich bags) without any attachments such as clips or post-its
  • Make sure all photos are rotated "readable" - in the orientation you would like them scanned/viewed
  • We do our best to keep and scan your photos in their original order. If sent in chronological order or grouped by "event", you should receive the scanned images in the same order

Give us a call today at 781-245-1050, we are ready to begin scanning your photos! You'll find us friendly, knowledgable and easy to work with.