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Workflow In the Cloud

Automate your own customizable workflow

A workflow can be setup to include many - or just a few - steps that are triggered once a task has been completed. A simple task of inputting an invoice can send an email to a manager for approval to pay. From there, the manager can approve, deny, or make edits and then submit, which would automatically trigger the next step of the workflow until all of the steps have been completed. Rules on how the processes are executed and which steps would start a particular workflow are set up, but if needed, can be changed at any time.

Workflows at a glance:

  • Multiple workflows can be setup within the same docuware account
  • The workflow management is used to setup, monitor and optimize the process of each individual step
  • Rules can be set to allow one person or a group of people access to approve and continue to the next step of the workflow
  • Managers can monitor the status of workflows and see what steps have been completed by whom

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