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Scientific Lab Notebooks

High Quality, High Volume Scanning

Each page scanned, checked for visual clarity, re-checked with page count verification and additional visual inspection. We only scan high-quality color or grayscale images.

We scan more lab notebooks - faster and higher quality - than your current in-house or off-site scanning operation.


  • On-site or at our secure facility
  • Rush Jobs can accommodate 35+ notebooks per day scan capacity
  • High quality, high resolution, color or grayscale images
  • One to two day turnaround available
  • 29 years experience
  • Two quality checks ensure all data is legible and all pages are scanned
  • Instant access to your scanned notebooks is available through our secure online portal


* Boston Computer Scanning (Bosscan) is 201 CMR 17.00 compliant - the State of Massachusetts Standards for the Protection of Personal Information, which implements the provisions within M.G.L. c. 93H. We have a Written Information Security Policy (WISP) that outlines the steps taken every day to ensure the security of your documents.

  • *Military Strength Data Destruction (upon customer acceptance of data) with the Incinerator® includes delete and scrub of all hard drives.
  • *All workers subject to a background check
  • *Cameras/Smartphones not allowed around sensitive documents.

The Bosscan guarantee: "If it’s legible on the original, it will be legible on the scanned image." This includes graphs, charts, notes written in pencil or ink, and photos and attachments.