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Secure Document Pickup, Scanning, and Return

Contactless Pickup Available: Place your files in boxes, we'll pick them up!

Our professional staff will come to your work site, office, or storage facility to pick up your documents to scan at our facility. We scan directly to USB ("thumb drive" or "external drive"), or we can upload your scanned files to the cloud for you to download. If you need your paper documents returned, the same care and security is taken during their return trip to you.

When you call Bosscan (Boston Computer Scanning) for document pickup and scanning, we guarantee secure measures and care will be taken throughout the entire process. This ensures that the documents you need scanned are protected from any elements and will be intact and in order during transit. Upon arriving at our facility, your documents are labeled and catalogued for scanning. Keeping the original page order during scanning is something that we guarantee on all projects.

Once the scanning is completed; re-stapling and re-binding is done, if required. The documents are then returned to their original folder(s) in the same order, and then packed for delivery back to you.

Ask about these additional services:

  • Document packing - files pulled from cabinets placed into boxes

  • Document transportation bins

  • Document pick-up/drop-off log

  • Document shredding

  • Re-printing of scanned documents

Give us a call today at 781-245-1050, we are ready to pick up your files and begin scanning! You'll find us friendly, knowledgable and easy to work with.